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Maintenance and Mobility Center

Site Selection

To determine the best suited site for CAT's paratransit/microtransit maintenance needs, CAT must conduct both a site selection and site screening process. The best suited site will need to not only accommodate electric vehicle maintenance, operations, and charging, but also provide administrative space and a community training facility.

Sites Under Consideration

Three sites are under consideration based on availability for acquisition, location within Chatham County, and a minimum size of 4.25 acres:

  • Existing Transit Facility (900 East Gwinnett St)

  • Fort Argyle

  • Interchange Drive

See the map below for all facility locations.

Evaluation Criteria

The following evaluation criteria were developed and used to perform an analysis of each site. This allowed the team to compare the sites and select the one with the highest score.

  • Is the property privately or publicly owned?  

  • Does the site meet the minimum acreage requirements to support CAT’s facility programming needs?

  • Does the current zoning district allow CAT’s paratransit maintenance facility as a principal use? 

  • What are the available utilities connections accessible to the site?

  • Would developing this site impact protected or aquatic resources? 

  • Would developing this site impact disadvantaged populations?

  • Would developing this site impact community resources?

  • Are there any cultural or historic resources on the site? 

  • Would developing this site create risks related to FEMA flood hazards, high-tide flooding, sea level rise, or coastal hazards? 

  • Is this site located within CAT’s service area and along an existing route? 

  • How accessible is the site to customers via the existing transportation network? 

  • Is the site located adjacent to existing paratransit customers?

Scoring Results

While each of the three sites exhibited different favorable qualities that resulted in high scores, the Interchange Drive site yielded the highest score of 125 points.

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